An Open Letter To The Ministry of Interior From An Indian


Dear Ministry of Interior,

I have a humble request regarding the new Family Visit Visa policy.

Before the tragic and barbaric 26 June 2015 bombing, the Ministry provided 3-month family visit visas. After the incident, visit visas are not issued for more than a month, and extensions have been disallowed. While this move is well intentioned, it causes a major inconvenience to a community that is clearly not a threat to Kuwait’s security: the elderly parents of expats.

My 83-year old grandfather is one such person bearing the brunt of this policy. My grandmother passed away in 2005, and my grandfather is unable to live independently. Under the previous policy, he could comfortably live in Kuwait, barring 4 round trips to India. Due to the new visa policy he has already had to make 2 round trips from India over the last 3 months, with one family member accompanying him each time. It is upsetting to see the discomfort being caused to him at a stage in his life when traveling is a physical burden. This case remains one among many, as several non-Kuwaitis with elderly parents will face similar problems.

My family and I are grateful for the commendable job that the Ministry has done in the wake of the tragic bombing. Thank you for your unrelenting efforts to keep us safe. However, the policy response of reducing the period for visitor visas to one-month without the possibility of an extension has an overlooked consequence for the elderly parents of non-Kuwaitis, who now need to make 11 round-trips in a year. Only the airlines benefit from such a policy.

I humbly request that long term family visit visas are granted for those above the age of 70, or to ease their situation by allowing extensions to their stay for a flat fee. We would rather pay the Kuwaiti government to see our grandparents comfortable, than pay to see our grandparents suffer.

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Thank you for your time and for considering my request.

A law-abiding expat who loves Kuwait


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