5 Ways That Delhi Politics Is Basically Harry Potter

With the recent removal of Kapil Misha as Delhi’s law minister, that makes it four changes within the last two years. That’s a new law minister every 6 months. The inside joke is that the Law Minister position in Delhi is like the Defence Against the Dark Arts Professorship in Harry Potter: It’s jinxed!

In fact if you look closely, Delhi politics is basically a desi-version of Harry Potter. (We would have called it Hardik Patel, but sadly their commonalities end at their initials)

So, here’s presenting the Harry Potter edition of politics in Delhi, straight from the Ministry of Magic:

1. Defence Against The Dark Arts Professors That Don’t Last


Bharti was shrouded in controversy for allegedly taking the law into his own hands. i.e. listening to the voices in his head 😉


Tomar didn’t obtain all of the qualifications he claimed to have to have. Sound familiar to the ‘best-selling’ author who used memory charms (i.e. bribing officials) to force them to forget their heroic acts?


Though the exact reasons for Mishra’s removal still remain murky, it is safe to say that he was personable and of good character. Rumour has it that he is now focusing on an FIR against Sheila Dixit regarding a 400cr Water Tanker scam.

Friendly old animagus-werewolf Lupin was liked by his students and worked with Dumbledore to strengthen the Order of the Phoenix upon leaving Hogwarts.


Here’s hoping this isn’t a Manish Sisodia-impostor, because the last thing Delhi’s law ministry needs is a Mad-eye Manish.

2. The Ministry of Magic and Daily Prophet ignore Dumbledore


Like Dumbledore, our own tragic hero (who dons a signature cough instead of a beard) is often undermined by the Ministry of Magic for his implausible proclamations regarding corruption.

But that don’t ruin his swag.

Dumbedore-Kejri Meme

3. Order of the (Aam Aadmi) Phoenix

Order Of the AAP Phoenix

Alienated, he is forced to establish the Order of the Aam Aadmi Phoenix (AAP) to ward off the forces of evil in our society.

4. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

You-Know-Who we’re talking about. For he must not be named by us. Else we shall face the wrath of the death-eaters for speaking our mind.




5. Dementors Torment Us (On TV)

Arnab Meme

They suck the life out of our soul, one kiss at a prime-time.

And amidst all this, we’re sitting and wondering: Where is Delhi’s Harry Potter, for whose Patronus charm is stronger than his?IMG_6268 (1) 


ps. Delhi is Hogwarts.


This post was written in collaboration with fellow blogger Saanya Gulati

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